Michele Walman


Michele Walman has been a licensed Realtor since 1985, but her love for real estate started many years prior to her getting her real estate license.

Born and raised in Southern California her interest in real estate started in her early 20’s. Having a succession of personal real estate investments it was a natural transition into the world and real estate. At the age of 29 she got her real estate license and has been selling real estate ever since.

Michele knows that buying and selling real estate can be a very, very emotional process. She prides herself in listening to her clients and understanding the issues and complexities of the deals and navigating through the transactions to a successful close. She pays close attention to what the needs are of her clients with tremendous attention to details guiding them every step of the way.

Michele Walman’s knowledge, commitment an experience in real estate is to know that her most important job is to always have her clients back, no matter what, she will always put her client’s needs first.

The result is an impeccable track record of top performance…year after year!

About the Walmans


We are proud of our commitment to excellence in the marketing of fine residential properties. We are experienced professionals who work hard and have a thorough knowledge of real estate. We also have the support of an outstanding management team and a dedicated staff. Throughout the term of our relationship with you, we will constantly strive to provide you the best possible service with:

  • A professional, well-planed marketing strategy for your property.
  • Maximum exposure of your property to potential buyers and other brokers.
  • Frequent contact to update and adjust your marketing program if necessary.
  • Skillful negotiation assistance on all offers received.
  • Continuous follow-up during escrow.
  • Assistance in relocation.
  • Ongoing real estate support and assistance.

Our goal is to be the most respected and successful real estate professionals in our marketing area. To this end, we have committed our resources of people, time and money to recognizing and fulfilling the real estate needs of our clients with unequaled professional service.


Being your Personal Real Estate Consultant is not only my business philosophy but a life-long commitment to providing you exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations. It is also my philosophy to listen, hear and truly understand your needs, a quality of business that seems to have been forgotten in today’s highly automated society.

We look forward to building a lifelong relationship and guiding you through a sound real estate transaction.

Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.